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Before heading up the long grade out of Lee Vining and home, we took a detour to the campgrounds and saw about 5 deer. They quickly left as I was trying to get my camera out to photograph them.

Layers of green abounded in the valley.

We continued up the road and were sprinkled with little snow flakes. As we were waiting to enter the park at Tioga Pass we had a snow storm. Glad we were not on the motorcycles!

Just a few miles down the road the sun was shinning and we stopped at Tuolome Meadows. Two days before it was a field of snow and water. What a difference. We are looking back at the snow storm we passed through at the gates.

Heading back down to Yosemite Valley, I love going through the tunnels.

With the melting snow comes full rivers and waterfalls. This is a shot of Bridalveil Falls from across the river.

Beautiful Yosemite and a beautiful trip


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