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New Treasury


My bug pin is in a new treasury


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New Treasury

My bug pin is in a new treasury on Etsy.

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It is still amazing to me how fast info travels on the internet. My little bug pins are showing up on other blogs, especially the ones with the vintage clockworks or “steampunk” insides.

Cynthia’s site http://polymerclaydaily.com/2009/07/23/farris-and-haab-cuties/

Lisa’s site http://sockmonkeybeads.blogspot.com/2009/08/bug-pins-on-etsy.html

Pamela’s site http://totusmelswunderkammer.blogspot.com/2009/08/buggy.html

These are the ones that I know of so far. Every once in a while I will find one of my images on a site that is a surprise appearance.

So  much to do with having a website, blog, Etsy shop, still learning to;

Photograph – old digital camera died, learning to use new one, what backgrounds to use, how to make items “pop” I really need to work on that, how to edit, how to best use my Flickr account.

Web page – my daughter Jen started the webpage for me and maintained it for a long time, my husband Jim has agreed to take over and manage it now. Dreamweaver is too much for me. Still need to update show and class list and get new photos up at the site.

Etsy – just opened my shop there and learning the ins and outs of that. Plus packaging and shipping.

Computers – old Mac screen and other things on our laptop were acting funky so purchased a new one, but new Mac has more features and I am still trying to master the track pad.

Blog – I need to post more often (so I remember how), like right now I wanted to just have a name highlighted in the blog that you click on and that takes you to the site – instead of posting the whole address. What’s that called? I have done that before, but can’t remember what I did. My brain is in mental-pause.

Creating new things – too much time on computers and other things, good thing I have lots of items completed to post to Etsy, because I’m sure not making anything in polymer clay right now. Fused glass items and metal clay?? Who know when?

Oh this sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not, just learning a lot and using different parts of my aging brain. It’s fun and exhausting.

What about you? What are you learning? Creating? Doing?

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