After our stop in Mariposa we traveled along the river on 140.

“Farewell to spring” flowers covered the sides of roadway. We saw more wildflowers this trip than we usually see. Farewell to spring, lupine, Mariposa lilies, flags, paintbrush and many more.

Pink roadside

Blue skies, white clouds, and green everywhere.With all the snow we’ve had this year the rivers and streams are really full and the river rafters were out in full force. A group of about 6 rafts went by while we were stopped at a turn off.A nice stretch of river with just enough white water to make it interesting.

A few years ago there was an avalanche on the road and they made a temporary fix to go around the slide. There is a light and sometimes a 15 minute wait to cross over on the one lane road.

Here you can see the slide on the right. I think I remember that they tried to clear the rocks and open the roadway again, but more covered the road again.

Nature is powerful and beautiful.

All the melting snow made for some beautiful waterfalls. Water was rushing everywhere.


This blog seems to be turning into more of a travel log than a blog about my art. I guess it’s because I am more likely to take pictures when I am relaxing and traveling. When I am working and creating I am into the process and don’t stop the flow to take pictures.

So here are the latest photos from our last trip.

Petunias at Happy Burger

We are back now from one of the most beautiful trips I think I have ever taken. It is getting to be an annual tradition in the family to try and travel over Tioga Pass soon after it opens for the summer. This year it opened after the heavy winter/spring snows on June 5, 2010.  Jim, Jen and I, took off the morning of Wednesday June 9. We tried a new route for us this time. Usually we go to Yosemite by highway 41 and enter from the south. But this time we went through Mariposa and came in by the river from the west. We hoped to meet up with nephew Jared for lunch but that didn’t work out, but it didn’t stop us from us having a great lunch at Happy Burgers in Mariposa.

The inside of the cafe is decorated with old record albums on the ceiling and walls. Brought back a lot of memories and made me feel a little old. Will they one day decorate with CD’s?


Now that my shows have finished for the Spring, I am trying to get some of my work listed in my Etsy Shop.

One of the bug pins that I have added to my Etsy shop.

Here are a couple of photos of my booth at the “Best of the Valley” quilt show held April 9 – 11, 2010 in Lindsay, CA.

I am using some of the Santos figures for display this year. This shows some of the dichroic glass pendants and polymer clay beads that I’ve made.

Here is a shot of my brother Steve sitting in his wife’s booth “Cathy Farris Quilts”. Cathy does prize winning long-arm machine quilting. Steve builds quilt racks and helpful aids for quilters in his spare time from a full time job.

More of Cathy’s booth showing some of her quilted pieces that are decorated with colored pencils.

This is an overview of the show floor with the quilt displays in the center and the vendors around the edges.

This is one of Cathy Farris’ quilts (my sister-in-law) she had a number of winners in the show.

This is one of DeAnn Farris’ prize winning quilts (my other sister-in-law). DeAnn helped with the show and helped Cathy in her booth. What a creative family I have!!

Janet Farris and Jim Franklin celebrated 35 years of marriage on Tuesday April 20, 2010. Funny because I thought I was only 35 years old – so I must have gotten married at birth. We took the day off and roamed the foothills in the rain. Had a nice lunch in North Fork and saw some snow on the hills above Bass Lake.

Some sunshine and some clouds – it was a beautiful day.

Arch formation in the Alabama Hills Daughter Jen is an excellent photographer ( she takes after her Father Jim), while we were in the Lone Pine area she wanted to see if she could find the location of one of Ansel Adams photos. It was a different time of the year and we started searching in the late afternoon. She had some hints to the locations from a friend. We started slowly searching the dirt roads behind Manzanar.There’s a lot of rocks out there!

After about 2 hours we knew we were getting close, but the light was fading and we were meeting Julia and Thad for dinner back in Lone Pine. So we decide to look again in the future and Jen was going to photograph where we were so we could find the area again. She decide to go up a rise and there she spotted some familiar shaped rocks. We had found it!!! So happy, she set up some shots while there was still light.


The family met in Lone Pine, CA during Spring Break to visit, explore, eat, and enjoy the wide open spaces. This photo was taken at sunset in the Alabama Hills looking toward the Sierra Mountains.

Wine and Chocolate WeekendHere is an inside shot at Ficklin Vineyard as the winery is getting set up for the event. This was shot from my perspective – I had a table displaying my jewelry that was for sale. Ficklin makes wonderful ports and we have been fans for many years. This was the first time that I showed my jewelry at one of their events and it was a great success.

What a fun event – there was wine, tasty chocolate, cigars, toe-tapping music, beautiful artwork, wild cats, and boy scouts making a tri-tip lunch.

After a long and fun weekend at the Wine and Chocolate event we were greeted with a beautiful sunset as we were driving home.