New Treasury


My bug pin is in a new treasury


New Treasury

My bug pin is in a new treasury on Etsy.

New Treasury

My green bug is in a new Etsy treasury. What a fun collection.


Before heading up the long grade out of Lee Vining and home, we took a detour to the campgrounds and saw about 5 deer. They quickly left as I was trying to get my camera out to photograph them.

Layers of green abounded in the valley.

We continued up the road and were sprinkled with little snow flakes. As we were waiting to enter the park at Tioga Pass we had a snow storm. Glad we were not on the motorcycles!

Just a few miles down the road the sun was shinning and we stopped at Tuolome Meadows. Two days before it was a field of snow and water. What a difference. We are looking back at the snow storm we passed through at the gates.

Heading back down to Yosemite Valley, I love going through the tunnels.

With the melting snow comes full rivers and waterfalls. This is a shot of Bridalveil Falls from across the river.

Beautiful Yosemite and a beautiful trip

The second day of our trip was spent exploring the area around Lee Vining and north to Bridgeport. First we headed up Lundy Canyon, past the lake and campgrounds to the end of the road. We found an abandoned structure of wood and rusty metal.

The skies were so blue and clear and the light was so bright. This painted rock greeted our return to the river.

Leaving Lundy Canyon we headed to Bridgeport to pick up some lunch and then headed toward Bodie.

This is the courthouse in Bridgeport, CA.

Next we headed to Bodie which is a ghost town. At one time it had over 10,000 people and gold mining was the main activity.


Electric plant with wires going through the circle cutouts in the window.

School House

One of the citizens of Bodie.

After Bodie we headed back to Mono Lake for the sunset. I relaxed in the car while Jim and Jen braved the wind and cold to get their shots of the sky and the tuffa towers of the lake.

Continuing on the road. A picture is worth a thousand words. So more pictures and a few words.

More of the wildflowers we saw along the roadway.

Once we got into the park and on the Tioga road, we saw lots of snow. The most snow of all our trips over in June.

Beautiful view from Olmstead Point and the back of Half Dome.

I liked the contrast of textures.

One of the locals.

With the melting snow, water was everywhere.

Ice on the Lake.

Crystallized ice sparkled on the lake. I admit that the freezing wind kept me from getting more shots or close-ups of the crystals.

Sunset on our first day in Lee Vining was inspiring. After a long day of driving we went to dinner at the Whoa Nellie Deli at the Mobil station.

Very nice lighting for a gas station cafe.

We had a lovely dinner of Lobster Taquitos and Mango Margaritas. Great Day!

Etsy Treasury

I have been included in a treasury on Etsy, my very first time! So now I think that I figured out posting the photo of the treasury and below is a link to see it on Etsy.


Mine is the first bug in the third row.